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Does a child have a say during a Virginia child custody case - Farmer Legal, PLLC

Does My Child Have a Say in My Virginia Child Custody Case?

By Joshua Farmer |

Going through a divorce is challenging enough, but when you add in the issue of determining the custody of a shared child, a divorce case can be a miserable thing to have to navigate. What can be even more challenging and emotional for a parent is the idea that their child may be asked… Read More »

How will a judge determine my child custody case - Farmer Legal Help

How Will the Judge Decide My Custody Case in Virginia?

By Joshua Farmer |

When two parents are divorcing, they have the ability to create a parenting plan that outlines how time with, and responsibilities regarding, children will be shared. Creating a parenting plan outside of the court is always recommended; this gives parents autonomy to develop a blueprint for time sharing that they want and that works best for… Read More »

Dating During My Virginia Divorce - Farmer Legal Help

Should I Date During My Divorce?

By Joshua Farmer |

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, you and your spouse may be emotionally and physically separated, even if your divorce is not yet finalized. This may mean that in your heart, you have split from your spouse, and may have even moved on to a new love interest. While emotionally… Read More »

Dont drink & drive_opt (2)


By Joshua Farmer |

What is BAC? Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is a measurement of the alcohol content in the blood by volume. In most states, the limit is .08 alcohol content. Blood-alcohol content is generally measured by a breath test. Roadside breath tests are done with handheld devices, while breathalyzer machines, such as the Draeger are used… Read More »


What to Expect when You’re Pulled Over for a DUI in Virginia

By Joshua Farmer |

Driving drunk is never a safe practice, and with the proliferation of ride sharing applications, there’s no excuse to get behind the wheel after you’ve had too much to drink. However, as an American citizen, you’re protected by certain constitutional rights when suspected of or charged with a crime, and you should know those… Read More »

Filing for Bankruptcy for a Servicemember

By Joshua Farmer |

Filing for Bankruptcy for a Servicemember Perhaps you made a few bad financial decisions after you were deployed on your last tour. Perhaps expenses mounted up when you were forced to relocate to a new base, or after you were injured in the line of duty. Regardless, as a member of the Armed Forces,… Read More »

Elder Financial Abuse

Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse

By Joshua Farmer |

Elder financial abuse has become a growing phenomenon, as more and more baby boomers enter retirement age. Keeping up with your financial affairs can become increasingly difficult as you age, which may lead you to enlist friends or caretakers to provide assistance. It can be difficult to determine whom you can trust and who… Read More »

Big Rig Truck

Industry Group Seeks Greater Limitations on Top Speeds for Big Rigs

By Joshua Farmer |

Industry leaders are taking steps to reduce a danger introduced to America’s roadways by tractor trailers. The American Trucking Association is presently lobbying the United States Department of Transportation to put a rule in place that would require the installation of electronic speed-limiting devices on big rig trucks. Approximately 70% of all heavy-duty trucking… Read More »


Is DUI a Felony or Misdemeanor Offense in Virginia?

By Joshua Farmer |

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Virginia is a misdemeanor offense in most instances. However, there are several circumstances where a DUI could be charged as a felony, which raises the stakes considerably in the case of a conviction. Even if the offense is not charged as a felony, various factors can greatly enhance… Read More »

Student Loans

Congress Poised to Consider Allowing Bankruptcy Discharge of Student Loans

By Joshua Farmer |

For the most part, student loan debt is specifically excluded from being discharged in bankruptcy, along with certain tax debts, child support and more than a dozen other types of debts. Yet student loan debt is increasingly becoming a huge source of debt for more and more people. Recently, the Institute for College Access… Read More »

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