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Virginia Family Law Attorney | Glen Allen, VA

Family law can be one of the most delicate areas of law to handle. Our compassionate and experienced family law attorney recognizes that, for many, the first experience with the legal system might happen during a conflict within their family.

At Farmer Legal, we promise to make sure that each client understands their legal rights and the process from start to finish. Experienced Glen Allen family lawyer Joshua Farmer is committed to resolving issues and disputes in the most amicable manner possible, always working towards a resolution that is in the best interests of his clients.


If you’re a Virginia resident wondering about separation and divorce, we can help. Our Glen Allen divorce attorney can help you understand your rights and give you detailed information about what to expect when you go through divorce or separation in this state.

Just like no two marriages are alike, each divorce is unique. We treat every case according to its particular merits and the issues that affect you and your family. Our skilled legal team will make sure that you have the information necessary to make the most informed decisions on your case. In Virginia, you can get divorced either through a separation agreement or by going to court. Virginia family law attorney Joshua Farmer will make sure that you are armed with the facts so that you understand your options and your legal rights in a Virginia divorce proceeding.

Child Custody

All parents worry about the well-being of their children. When parents separate or divorce, the issue of who gets to spend time with the children can become contentious. You want to be the best parent possible, yet the fear of losing contact with your children through a divorce can be overwhelming.

The state of Virginia has laws in place for child custody, support, and visitation so that the “best interests of the child” always come first. There is often considerable dispute when it comes to child custody matters, and emotion can enter these proceedings in some cases. Our calm and experienced family law attorney promises to help you reach a fair settlement with your former spouse so that you can maintain a relationship with your children and avoid any unpleasant experiences in the future.


Adopting a child is both a joyful and stress-filled experience for many families. The transition from being a temporary member of a household to a permanent member of the family is momentous, but it doesn’t come without some serious legal maneuvers.

An adoption in the state of Virginia is both confusing and complex.  This is a process that requires the guidance of a skilled and experienced family law attorney. The family law experts at Famer Legal can help your family navigate this cumbersome process which involves extensive background checks, paperwork, and court hearings. Failure to complete the steps in this process correctly can set the adoption process back for months or even years, also affecting your future parental rights. Virginia adoption attorney Joshua Farmer can assist your family with any type of adoption including international adoptions, adoptions through agencies, step-parent adoption, and other adoption circumstances.

Protective Orders

Unfortunately, not all relationships turn out the way that we had hoped. In some cases, it becomes necessary to ask the state for assistance when a spouse or significant other becomes abusive. A restraining order or protective order is issued by the courts and requires that one person both stop harming and keep a distance from another person.

A protective order in Virginia is a civil court order that you, as the victim of abusive behavior, request. The order will demand that the abuser stop the unacceptable behavior and maintain a certain distance from you. There are three different types of protective orders in Virginia, an Emergency Protective Order, a Preliminary Protective Order, and a Permanent Protective Order.  In some cases, a Stalking Protective Order can be issued where there is no history of violence. Virginia family law attorney Joshua Farmer can help you with the filing of a protective order as well as issues of protective order enforcement, whether or not the original order was issued in the state of Virginia.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

When a juvenile is accused of a crime, the entire family is affected. Not only is being arrested for a juvenile offense stressful and terrifying, but a conviction in the state of Virginia is something that can remain on a person’s record for the rest of their life.

If you have a family member or loved one who has been accused of a crime, you want the best legal representation possible. Shielding that juvenile from a blemish on their permanent record is important, but so is protecting them from the often unfair legal system. If convicted of a crime in Virginia, a juvenile can face harsh penalties that include time in a juvenile detention center or even being tried as an adult. If your family finds itself in this position, contact Farmer Legal to discuss your case. Attorney Joshua farmer is an experienced litigator and understands both family law and the Virginia criminal justice system.

Premarital Agreements

Farmer Legal can help guide you and your future spouse through the process of creating a premarital agreement that meets your particular needs. While prenuptial agreements are far from romantic, they make sense in some circumstances.

Premarital agreements are a wise decision if either party is entering the marriage with substantial assets. This is also true if either party has been married before or has children whose interests they wish to protect for the future. If you enter an agreement before marrying, you can sign a prenuptial agreement. You also have the option to enter into a financial agreement after marriage with a post-nuptial agreement. Our experienced family law and estate planning attorney can assist you and your loved one with these legal documents.

If you have a family law matter that is creating stress and unease for you or your children, contact Farmer Legal for help. Virginia family law attorney Joshua Farmer maintains an office in Glen Allen and is available to discuss your case. Call our office anytime at (804) 325-1441 or contact us via the web to schedule a consultation.

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