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U.S. Army Officer and Virginia Attorney for Military Law Matters in and around Glen Allen

There are 27 military bases in Virginia and thousands of service members covering every branch of the service. Glen Allen criminal defense attorney Josh Farmer of Farmer Legal represents military service members who are facing military criminal charges or disciplinary proceedings at military installations across the state. Our practice includes all military crimes under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), as well as state-level offenses.

Military Crimes and Courts Martial

Some crimes, such as failure to obey an order or insubordinate conduct, are strictly military in nature and are only tried by a court-martial. Other offenses, from DUI and assault to robbery and homicide, are both military and state offenses which could be tried in either court. At Farmer Legal, we can represent you in either or both state and military tribunals. Our military criminal defense practice includes representation before all of the following:

  • Summary Courts-Martial – minor offenses with possible punishments including up to 30 days of confinement, up to 45 days of non-confined hard labor, up to 60 days of restriction, one month’s forfeiture of two-thirds’ pay, or reduction to the lowest enlisted pay grade, depending upon pay grade.
  • Special Courts-Martial – misdemeanor offenses with possible punishments including up to one year’s confinement, up to 90 days of non-confined hard labor, one month’s forfeiture of two-thirds’ pay, reduction in pay grade, or a bad-conduct discharge.
  • General Courts-Martial – for the most serious military crimes. General courts-martial are authorized to impose any punishment allowable under the UCMJ, including death for certain offenses.

Any court-martial should of course be taken very seriously and approached with the assistance of knowledgeable and skilled defense counsel.

Non-Judicial Proceedings

In addition to military tribunals, we can represent you in a variety of non-judicial proceedings, including:

  • General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand – Whether placed in your jacket or personnel file, a letter of reprimand can adversely affect your military career. There are different criteria depending upon whether a reprimand is placed in your jacket or your file, and different rights and procedures apply to filing a response or appeal, or requesting that the letter be removed. As a seasoned military officer, Josh Farmer knows the ropes and can help you with a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand.
  • OER/NCOER appeals – Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports can be critical to future assignments, promotions, and retention in the Armed Services. If you received a rating that does not accurately reflect your record or performance, we can help you through the redress program to correct any administrative or substantive errors which may have been made.
  • IG/Congressional Complaints – Important channels to redress discrimination, harassment, mistreatment, safety and health violations and other matters include Inspector General Complaints and Congressional Complaints. Let us walk you through the process to make sure your grievance is heard and that you are adequately protected against reprisals.
  • Appeals to Discharge Review Board – Discharges which are unrelated to a General Court Martial may be reviewed by the Army Discharge Review Board to determine whether the discharge was granted properly and fairly. Whether applying for a records review or making a personal appearance in Arlington/Crystal City, we can advise and represent you throughout the process.

Get Immediate Help With Your Military/UCMJ Matter

For advice and representation in a matter of military justice in Virginia, call Farmer Legal in Glen Allen at (804) 325-1441, or contact us online for a free consultation with a Virginia lawyer and U.S. army officer.

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